Love is not just a word, love is about attraction, its all about compromise. You’ll always meet someone who is different from you, that’s the law of attraction, unlike will always attract. But how do we really live with the differences, the social gap between two people in a relationship. What type of people you really get attracted to, how to choose your partner. What qualities do you really look for in a partner, what happens in the event that you discover that the differences are unbearable, will the lady assume the societal rule of being submissive, talking about the 21st century lady, I really don’t think so.

Over five failed relationships, I think am the perfect specimen for this topic. She must have been a virgin when I first met her. She was a bit older then me, but my height always cushioned that age gap. Don’t ever be with someone out of gratification, or sympathy for that sake. Love should always be about attraction. You did help her to get rid of that fear of love making, she was probably afraid of men, she couldn’t allow any man to get close to her private parts, let alone sex, just touching her inappropriately seemed offensive to her, that feeling was just scary to her. Then she meets you, she loves how you flirt with other ladies, that’s how ladies are, unfortunately, they seem to get attracted to ‘bad boys’. You seem very harmless to her, you suddenly notice how she takes notice of you, men can easily know when a lady finds them attractive. Then you will approach her, take her contacts. You take too long to call, so she makes the first move. You will meet in your apartment, share a drink, one thing leads to another, then……. You hit the cookie jar. Getting close too her V was one hell of a job, you feel her warm lips as you kiss her, you can feel her wetness from a distance(damn!! Did you just get aroused). Ok, enough of the details, lets get back to the main issue.

The feeling was awesome to her, she thinks that she’s madly in love with you. Hell no, what do you really know about each other, or she to you. Please never mistake sexual attraction to love, I understand that love is about attraction, but its not all about sex. How do you connect apart from sex? Sex is both physical and psychological, getting erect is the physical part of it, how long you last, is the psychological part of it, that’s my opinion.

Don’t be with someone out of gratification, what he did to you is awesome, but if you are not really attracted to him, don’t start a relation, be sex mate if you wish. With time your reason for being with him will fed. I remember she always complained about everything, its clear she wasn’t attracted to me. I really loved her, but love is a two sided sword. You will do whatever you can to make hare fall in love with you, you can even take her to heaven, just kidding, but if she’s not attracted to you, she’ll always find a reason to complain. I could feel how much she was struggling to be with me, that wasn’t necessary, there are a million people our there, you don’t have to be together, just because he broke your virginity. I tried as much as I could not to fall deeply in love with her, because I knew one day she was to find someone else, I really didn’t want to get heartbroken, but that was unavoidable. Am I still in denial? No!! I did accept what happened coz I expected it to happen one day. Was I hurt by the breakup? YES I was, coz I really love her, I’ve never been so much in love like I was with her, but I always knew one day she was to meet someone she likes and leave, that thought was always painful. Maybe I should have let her go in the first place, at times I feel responsible for the pain I went through.

The magnitude of the damage the heartbreak caused, Well!! She really did a good job. The bottom line is, if you don’t find anything attractive in your partner, it doesn’t have to be physical attraction, maybe emotional or in his/her character, then just let go of the relationship before it gets too serious. Don’t mess up with your emotions or they’ll end up messing with you.

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my weekends

my weekends

nice weekend at the swimming pool

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What does it really mean to love someone, you say words only to attract someone’s attention, or maybe to confuse someone. campus relationships are the most dramatic relationships you can ever come across, no victims, both men and ladies are … Continue reading

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its 31st December,the end of the year. many people over celebrate during this time…the youth are the worst case, you might call them “the lost generation”,from their mode of dressing to their behavior.
its 9 pm when i receive a “confirmation call” from one of my long-term buddies,”niaje davie,will you join us for the night out?” wow!! is this a rhetoric question?? of course i will buddy” that’s all i could say to him. after sometime, i overhear his shout,”leo ni kufyam, davie ako ndani”. we were to meet at exactly 11pm, then we were to decide where to go after that.
its 11pm, at the town centre,there i was, standing alone waiting for the rest of the crew. am becoming restless as i have been waiting for almost 10 minutes. after sometime,Richie,kamah, wyre, bram and the rest of crew arrive. kamah and wyre had already drunk some cheap liquor mtaani, as beer at the clubs could get very expensive during such occasions. “Davie, mtoto ako wapi, niliambiwa leo uko juu” that was all kamah could say to me on first sight, i wonder if this provoke or incite me. Richie, who was supposedly the crew leader, looks calm,”its kind of late, are we set to go??”. leader, looks calm,”its kind of late, are we set to go??”. we all border a matatu,heading to “BOBS”, this is such a famous club within the town. After a twenty minutes drive, there we were, at the entrance. Bram was the first to head in, no long enough he came back whining,”whats up bro” , “bouncer anataka punch, demand imekuwa juu”… whaaat!!! 500 bob, wow that’s sounds like a fortune. “niko na rwabe,” one of the crew members shouted loudly. after complaining we all decided to pay and head into the club.
1 A.m,all the excitement about the new year had cooled down, everyone was at the dancefloor enjoying every minute of himself.”chafueni table” kamah shouted as he headed towards the counter. every member of the crew found himself a seat within the table. it looked all flowery, all sorts of drinks, from guiness to allsoaps. ooohhh no!!!am a principled person, i dont take more than six bottles, i said that after sipping through the 9th bootle!!! kamah was out of sight,”with all that noise, the poor kid must be having some nightmares”. for once i felt like i had been hanging out with a group of teens, most had started “misbehaving”.
2am, “wow!! richie, can you see that,” that was a beautiful lady passing nearby. “changamka bro,” that was the motivation richie could give to a drunkard, hey!!i wasn’t very drunk by then, at least i could know the lady i was approaching was “super”. “niaje mresh, do u know that you are the most beautiful girl in the club, do you work in a fashion house??”(that’s the kind of courage alcohol can offer, you can find yourself doing the impossible, drunkards must be the most creative people on earth) was that a smile on her face, the lady was impressed by my attractive words, actually it wasn’t easy to resist such a poetic gent. i looked her straight into her eyes to judge my progress. “such a beautiful lady must have a very beautiful name”,she smile again, and this time she hagged me and whispered in my ear,”am Eve, a college student”. wow!! i was right, you’ve got such a beautiful name, can we dance?? i didn’t even need to ask that, coz it was definitely a yes.
we’ve been dancing for one hour, enjoying every part of it. i was about to kiss her when this “aggressive”lady walks straight to us. she looks me straight into my eyes, i could sense her fury, but i couldn’t see any reason for her to get angry!! “what do you think you are doing”, sikushika mita.”am sorry, i don’t understand you”(am always polite in whatever state i am). the aggressive lady seems to be impressed by my politeness. she pulls me aside,”that my partner”, that’s all she could say.”what??”…..”that’s my partner,my girlfriend”. the beautiful lady was kind of getting shy and embarrassed,am a…….. ooohh no!! i had spent an hour with without knowing she belonged to the lost generation. that was more than i could bear, i left the club leaving the rest of my crew, that was 4am, 2nd day of the new year, what an experience!!!!

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